Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boats, Bok Choy, and Berries

"Wanna go for a boat ride?" My real estate agent rang my doorbell and caught me having a beer and carrots and hummus lunch. I was pretty much done with the food so I grabbed the beer, found the key to my boat dock, and we stood in the sunshine waiting for her friend to pick us up. But the friend got anxious steering the boat in the wind in the narrow channel, so we dashed through the neighborhood to another boat dock where a friend of the friend was waiting to pilot us through the wind.

This was a preview, I think, of what owning a boat could be like for me. I'm going to have to practice. Maybe a lot. There's that part when you're coming in, and you get close to the dock, and you have to jump out with the line in your hand, and then tie the boat up before it scoots away. I saw a lady on a giant tricycle today with a dog in its wicker basket. I need the giant tricycle of the boat world.

The boat ride was wonderful though. We saw seals playing in the harbor. If you have a boat, you can take your boat to the Sunday farmer's market. (You can take your boat to the Vons, and to restaurants.)

I had already gone to the farmer's market earlier by car, so I rode on with the nervous friend and her friend, got out at a boat dock in an adjoining neighborhood, and had a nice long walk back to my place. I'm figuring out the lay of the land--or the marina, actually.

This evening I walked to the beach. It's amazing how few people there are on the beach here--compared to, say, Santa Monica. There were a couple of joggers who plodded by, but otherwise it was me and a lonely blue bucket, which I picked up and carried away so it doesn't end up in the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Oh--and the seagulls picnicking on a small sea lion or seal carcass. I startled them when I approached. "It's all yours," I said. I'd already feasted on baby bok choy, shrimp, and berries and ice cream.

I'm lonely here though. As lonely as an abandoned blue bucket.


Elizabeth said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry that you're lonely. It sounds lonely if you're boating with your real estate agent. Can I come visit?

Wrinkling Daily said...

It is really hard to be lonely in paradise. I often think that on days when I am by myself with the grandbaby. Sometimes, I just want to share her with someone else, so they can see the light in her eyes and marvel at the brilliant things she says.

It is very early. You got yourself to a beautiful place, that doesn't quite feel like home yet. Soon though. And the loneliness for all of us comes and goes, doesn't it? But see how the loneliness directed your creativity? Loneliness is an abandoned blue bucket and that image, and the writing that followed is what your temporary loneliness gave rise to. At least that is the way it seems to me. Ok, I'm done with the philosophy lesson now, lol. Thanks for sharing the great photos of your day.

N2 said...

So glad you picked up that lone blue bucket and kept it out of the sea - a true good deed for the day. That is something that takes a lot of learning, is it not, being a-lone but not lonely, or maybe only lonely in passing.

I have an idea that you will be making a lot of new friends in the boating community there. What a luxury to have a boat as an alternate means of travel.

Sending hugs as you settle in to your new place and make it your home. x0 N2

Anonymous said...

Why did you move?

Birdie said...

Lonely. I am sorry you are feeling lonely. I often feel lonely even when I am surrounded by a crowd of people.
I hope you find a kindred spirit or two soon.

Ms. Moon said...

I agree with Birdie. You will make friends, I bet. I hope. Good ones. Real ones. Heart-ones.