Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to Move: Part 3

On the Friday before the Sunday you plan to drive another carload to the new house, have friends over for dinner. Eat and talk, and talk some more until almost midnight. Take your time getting out of bed in the morning. Lie next to the person who loves you, and listen to the birds calling to their mates. A little later, have coffee and toast. Then drive to your mentor's house on the beach. Sit in a cool white-walled room, and write in the company of other writers. Have lunch with these interesting people. Then buy a dozen boxes, and begin to pack like packing is a form of exercise. Feel the burn.


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds excellent to me.

Anonymous said...

Packing is a form of exercise. I've done a lot of it over the past four years. It's also a form of exorcise:)

Good luck with the move.