Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Hand, the Planets, and the Fickle Finger

Sometimes I love how the universefategod messes with me. Like when I made the final drive north determined to buy my new house where my mom and I will live together. The phone rang when C & I were almost there. It was my brother telling me that my mom didn't feel well. She couldn't/wouldn't get out of bed. Everything hurt, she said. Take nothing for granted, the voice inside my head said. Plan, but plans are not stone. Plans are made of sand.

My mom went to the hospital by ambulance that morning. She had pneumonia. She recovered. We're still planning on moving in together.

Yesterday, after signing the loan papers, I went to the bank to arrange the wire transfer for the down payment. Hooray! I'll take myself out for a glass of iced tea at my favorite little cafe, I thought. I'll sit on their patio and flip through the lovely pile of magazines on design and decorating that they have there. I was doing just that when my phone rang. The name on the screen was the name of the law firm that represented me in the divorce. Oh no, I thought. I just bought a house I won't be able to make the mortgage payments on because The Someone is dragging me back into court. Oh no, what can I do? Whom should I call? I couldn't take another sip of the tea and hopped up to rush home. As I raced down the sidewalk, I heard the phone signal that I had a voicemail. The law firm has four  boxes of documents that they want me to pick up, the message said. That's all.

But it's good to be reminded how how the tide can turn and wash everything away.

Today I counted my blessings over and over again.


Pauline Gaines said...

My heart lurched for you. Phew. Just phew. All my best to your mom and your new digs.

Elizabeth said...

My heart lurched, too. Let the tide just roll away.

janzi said...

Well here we all are lurching away from fear and then relief that the phone call was not going to be a bad one.!!!!.. gooodeee...
you are really inspirational the way you keep your cap on, and cope with all that is thrown your way... That person didnt deserve you, I hope your new man does and that you will be so happy in your new home together with your mama... I look forward to your blogs very much and cannot wait to see what next is happening.. cant wait to see the house too!! just hugs from across the pond..j

Wrinkling Daily said...

A sigh of relief for you from the East Coast. Hope your mom continues to spring back and that you both love your new home. Have fun putting in all the special touches that will make it your own.