Friday, November 16, 2012

Oxytocin = No Sin

The handy dispenser that let's you say 'no' anywhere.

This recent article in the Atlantic might save a lot of marriages if big pharm gets with it. I'm just not sure who should carry it--the husbands or the wives. Maybe it could be piped into every workplace in America. Perhaps clothing could be impregnated with it--everything from neckties to hard hats. Chastity belt shaped air-fresheners could be hung from review mirrors. And maybe coffee places could infuse their coffee beans with it.  


Ms. Moon said...

My favorite part of the article:
"However, the researchers warn, "it is clear that for these potential fidelity-enhancing effects to be revealed, female partners would need to evoke its endogenous release immediately before contexts in which the men might encounter other women."
Wouldn't that be like...most of the time?

michelle said...

linking to you in today's post!

thanks for the fodder

Elizabeth said...

Good Lord. And they can't come up with a drug to stop Sophie's seizures?

Jules said...