Friday, November 30, 2012

Pillville: The Quarterly Report

Background: My mom moved in with me near the end of August. As the first quarter of our first year of living together draws to a close, here are the numbers---

Medical and dental appointments including hearing aid adjustments, eye glasses, and lab work: Approximately 30.

Number of surgical procedures: 1

Number of trips to the pharmacy: Around 10

Number of days since she quit smoking: 30

Number of times I think she's secretly had a quick puff: Maybe a half-dozen. Maybe none at all.

Number of times we've marveled together at the birds who perch on our boat dock: Scores.

Number of nights I've cooked a "real" dinner: Approximately 115.

Number of nights I've spent with the man who loves me: Not enough.

Number of times I've regretted this change in my lifestyle: 0

Number of times I've fantasized about traveling to a faraway place: Dozens.

Number of contradictions in this post: Who's counting?

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Ms. Moon said...

You have no idea how much you inspire me.