Friday, March 8, 2013

Well, at least there shouldn't be bird shit on my head....

In the past week or so, I accomplished a lot of things I wasn't particularly excited about taking on. I found the instruction manuals on the Internet to both my back patio sprinkler system and the larger automatic sprinkler system that waters my front yard. I printed the manuals out, studied them a bit, and programmed both systems to save as much water as possible. I also searched the Internet to see if there was any advice on my broken Prius remotes. I found great instructions and fixed both of them. While I did not do a very tidy job of glueing the rubber flange back down, both remotes are now fully functional.

I framed and hung a giant  and very heavy framed poster (40-some inches tall.) It's level. It looks fabulous. In case you can't read the writing at the bottom, it says, "To fish for stories felt to be true. And it will continue indefinitely. Hooray!"

Finally, I got the jump on the swallows and pigeons, I hope. As much as I love birds, I decided I was not up for another stalagmite of pigeon poop or the constant rain of swallow dung just outside my patio doors. I hung two plastic owls--one from the eaves outside my bedroom window, the other from the second story archway outside my front door. I'll spare you the vertiginous particulars.

I did not, however, succeed in getting the re-financing on my house. Despite my emails and phone calls, the Someone did not come through with the necessary court order reflecting my lowered alimony.   As a stop-gap measure, today I requested a letter saying the court order was in progress. That did not materialize either.

Nonetheless, I'm feeling rather accomplished.


Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about the re-finance. How utterly frustrating.

I am expectantly wondering if the owl thing works. Keep us posted.

Andrea said...

You are my hero. Such accomplishments!
I, too, am curious about the owl trick. The swallows are headed toward my houseboat as I type this.

Alberta Art Classes said...

Well done, you. Boo Someone.