Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kicking in the Wall

I have a lot of books about writing. 

Last night at Vroman's books in Pasadena, one of the the most amazing book stores on the planet, I got to read from Kicking in the Wall by Barbara Abercrombie because a few snippets of my writing are in it. Kicking in the Wall and Barbara's previous book A Year of Writing Dangerously are full of writing prompts that will keep you in your chair. She also has a book called "Courage and Craft." Barbara's books, Abigail Thomas's book, "Thinking About Memoir,"and Anne LaMott's Book "Bird by Bird" keep me going.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some writing to do.

Do you have a favorite book about writing? Or about creativity in general?


Ms. Moon said...

I love Stephen King's "On Writing." I think it's wonderful.

Andrea said...

Congratulations! I'm with Ms. Moon on the King book. I also like Judith Barrington's "Writing the Memoir," which I used in my writing classes for several years. I like "On Becoming a Novelist," by John Gardner,too.