Monday, August 12, 2013

Tidal Wave of Endorphins Swamps Brain

I lost my wallet yesterday morning. I thoughtlessly set it on top of my car while I went back into the house to get my favorite jacket...which I couldn't find. Being in a bit of a hurry to get to the farmers' market (the fishing boats sometimes sell out early) I forgot the wallet was on the roof of my car and drove off. The man who loves me lent me some dough, and so we shopped, thinking I'd probably left the wallet in the house when I went back inside for the jacket. But no, the wallet was not to be found. And I couldn't find my phone either. The man who loves me called my phone and found it on the cooktop. At least the burner wasn't on.

Armed with the phone, we retraced the route to the market. Except for a smashed blue plastic something, the streets were empty. Back home again, I checked my email and Facebook just in case someone had messaged me. No luck. I sat down at my desk and began to contemplate the task of canceling my ATM and credit cards. Oh wait, now that I have my phone, I thought, I'll check my messages. Yes.

The guy who found my wallet in the middle of the street is named Wright. Nice. And the wallet made it, riding on the roof of my car, through two left turns and a right turn almost all the way to the market before hitting the pavement. It, unfortunately, did not survive.

Take the guy a bottle of wine, the man who loves me said as I wondered out loud about how much of a reward to give him. So I did. A very nice one. A vestige from the days when I collected nice bottles of red. I gift bagged it. Of course, when we got to the street the guy lives on, I couldn't find the piece of paper on which I'd written his house number--which I was certain I'd put in my pocket. But it was in my backseat.

Today as I drove my mom back from a trip to the pulmonologist, I decided to stop by the nail salon where I got a pedicure on Saturday to see if I'd left my white fleece jacket there. I did.

I'm blaming all of this on an irregular distribution of endorphins.

But it's a win. Hoping to fix my blog layout problems soon.


Ms. Moon said...

Every trip to anywhere takes at least three back-and-forths to the car before I even begin. EVERY TRIP! Forgetfulness and lack of focus and it is good to know I'm not the only one and how lovely for that Mr. Wright (is he married I wonder? because- how fun for someone to have found Mr. Wright) to find your wallet and return it.
We bumble on. We lose things, they are returned. Those are the lucky days.

Elizabeth said...

Well, you certainly never forget how to write. There was something effortless about this post and how even the words conveyed forgetfulness -- at best, oblivion. I felt sort of confused at the end, myself!