Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday Morning Beach Report---a Day Late

fishing together in the fog

I took this picture on my early morning beach walk yesterday, but later got caught up in the caregiver vortex and didn't post it. The woman's pink sweatshirt caught my eye, and then I noticed the cane next to her chair. One of these folks made quite a bit of effort to get to the water's edge. It's a long expanse of sand from the street to the water, and yesterday the sand was loose and deep, making for quite the trudge.

She made it. They both made it. Hope they caught some fish.


Ms. Moon said...

Mr. Moon and the boys are digging worms to go fishing right now. What I know about fisherpeople is that they will go to any amount of trouble and trudges to get their poles to the water.
I love that about them.

Elizabeth said...

I once saw a man with cerebral palsy make his way down to the beach with a friend. They gently laid his walker in the sand, and the friend carried him into the surf where he floated and swam in the water for a good long time.

I love that you noticed this couple -- love her pink coat and her arm resting so close to her fisher man.