Saturday, April 19, 2014

Context is Everything

If context is everything, then this was a delicious meal.

And if context is everything and you live in Los Angeles, then this is a river.

And, in the context of his situation, the man who loves me is where he needs to be. Weakened by cancer, chemo, and radiation, he's in a facility where he is being cared for to an extent that I cannot provide chez moi. As he put it, the place is not burdened by pretensions of elegance, but if you sit on the patio (as he and I did today)  and look up, the view is all right.

There are many reasons to be hopeful. He is better than he was a week ago. We may again get back to this:

And in the meanwhile, I am filled with gratitude for the love and support of family and friends.
Thank you.


37paddington said...

Sending love and good thoughts to you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Denise. I'm wishing you good things, continued strength and love --

lily cedar said...

Sending hugs.

Ms. Moon said...

All good things, even if they come slowly- I would want that for you and those you love.

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to hear of the difficult time your man is having. I hope he continues to grow stronger in this new space so he can get back to yours with you soon. Sending you good thoughts.