Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is this a hospital bed.....or an April Fool's joke?

Note the industrial gray headboard and the remote control. Note the smile on my mother's face. This is not an April Fool's joke. This, believe it, or not is a hospital bed. How did this happen?

On Friday I came across THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times--a fabulous piece with quite a bit of good info for anyone on Medicare. (And by the way, the New York Times has dozens of great pieces about aging.) In the article was a link which led me to HERE, and from there I followed the state specific link to THIS SITE, where I clicked on the complaint form. The next morning, I filled out the form, attached it to a detailed narrative, also attached the doctor's prescriptions, the handout from the medical supply company, then took it to my local UPS store and faxed it.

Today around noon I got a call from a woman at the HSAG telling me she had received my fax and that she'd spoken to the medical equipment company and the doctor's office. She said she had instructed them to communicate with one another and work it out and to do their best to get the bed delivered before the end of the day. If that didn't happen, she said I could give them another 24-48 hours, BUT to call her back and let her know if I didn't get the bed.

We got the bed.

I'm going to call the woman back tomorrow and thank her. Maybe she can help with my alimony.

But we're feeling good here in Margaritaville/Pillville. Flyin' high.


lily cedar said...

That's so wonderful. I deal with a similar agency here that provides funding for my daughter to live on. The staff don't answer the phone or letters very often and refuse to answer questions. They just stonewall until you're tired and give up. It is unconscionable.

Ms. Moon said...

One never knows where one will find the answer to our problems.
You did not give up.
I am so glad your efforts finally bore fruit, albeit fruit with an industrial gray headboard.

Suz said...

Oh this is wonderful news!
You are one tough cookie
I admire you.

N2 said...

A miracle has happened! So glad to read this good news from Maragaritaville. Hope you ladies had a cocktail to celebrate. x0 N2