Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Bunny Boat

For almost 20 years our family went to New York City for Easter week. We crammed in as much theatre as possible, ate dinner at our favorite restaurants, and, given the religious nature of the Someone, went to Mass at some church near Lincoln Center famous for its choir. It's always hard to reinvent family traditions after divorce, and since my kids were pretty much grown, none of us made an effort for Easter. I can't really tell you what's gone on in my life the Easters since my divorce--though I know that I've probably blogged about it year after year. But now for two years running, M and I have had brunch at the same bar overlooking the water. This year we kayaked there. Mimosas, fish tacos, mermaid murals and spending time with a daughter. Nice. Oh--and the Easter Bunny himself came by in his boat. Now all we need is chocolate. I think we're about to do something about that.


Elizabeth said...

Ever since I quit taking the boys to church, Easter seems pretty dull. Then again, it was never one of my favorite holidays anyway. Sigh. I wish I'd gone kayaking with you and then onward to the mermaid muralled bar.

Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like you've successfully reinvented Easter and your traditions. Change can be good.
I sure hope you got some chocolate. The darker, the better. But sweet enough to take the bitter and make it merely another flavor.

Anonymous said...

I think your new tradition sounds lovely and one I'd choose and enjoy. Easter has been a depressing time of year for me in the past, but that has shifted for some reason since my move to England.