Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead

After visiting my favorite dia de los muertos exhibit at The Folk Tree last week, I bought some supplies and made my own altar for Dan.

I dreamed of him a couple of nights ago. We were camping on a big fluffy air mattress tucked in between some boulders in a canyon. The sky was still blue, but we were already  in bed, watching the clouds, marveling at the blue wide-openness. A cop pulled up on his motorcycle, asking to see our permits. When I rifled through a box of stuff, he saw our clump of pot. "It's medical," I said to the cop. "Show him your scar," I said to Dan. Dan didn't pull up his shirt. He smiled and shrugged. The sky turned an even more brilliant blue.


Ms. Moon said...

Our dreams. Oh god. Last night I dreamed I was acting in a movie and there was very explicit sex going on but I was having it with my husband.
Who knows what any of this means?
Who knows? Not me. But it is all a part of our lives.

mary i said...

Love this telling of your dream. Yay soon that is shall be for all of those in need. (I hale form Oregon)Now living in Alabama a very far behind state.

Elizabeth said...

That's a dreamy dream. I can just see Dan's smile and shrug. I'm glad that I knew him.

37paddington said...

A beautiful dream. You and Dan visit in that realm and it's as cozy and sweet as it seems to have been in this one. He is not gone from you. He is all around.