Friday, November 28, 2014


If you are expecting the typical turkey leftovers post, that's only part of the story. This particular turkey sandwich with mayo and cranberry sauce was consumed in the ER. C  delivered two such sandwiches for M and me as we sat with my mom who is still in her ER cubicle awaiting admission to the hospital. 

Just back from my hour at the gym this morning, she staggered into the hallway between her room and the kitchen with two rapidly purpling eyes, a cut on her nose, and a swollen hand. She'd fallen minutes before. "I fell but I'm fine," she said. She looked anything but fine. So here we are four hours later. No brain bleed, but a broken hand, a swollen nose and two ghoulish shiners. 

I think it was in this very room that I devoured a middle of the night tuna sandwich with Dan a few months ago. The nurse delivered it on a tray topped with a white cloth and flanked by a coffee, a Sprite, and two pudding cups. It was the best tuna sandwich I ever had. 


Ms. Moon said...

Oh dear. That's horrible!
I am glad they are going to admit her. These things can be so very complicated in the elderly. I am thinking of you.
I hope you have some peace tonight.

lily cedar said...

I'm sorry. Is your mom on blood thinners? Hopefully not. Hope her hand heals quickly.

Suz said...

never a dull moment
hope all goes smoothly with mom

Andrea said...

Oh Denise. I'm so sorry.

37paddington said...

I'm so sorry! Such a hard time.