Monday, June 29, 2015

The Hostage Exchange

The grandchildren are here.

All 3 are enrolled in watersports camp (sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding) from 9-3:30 this week. With care for my mom only in the mornings, this seemed like a good arrangement and so far it's worked fine. We won't be taking leisurely walks, running out for fro-yo whenever we feel like it, or using the yacht club pool. But they're here.

Of the many difficult things that go with caring for a frail elderly person, one is that I can't travel to see them. (Tried it once...nope.) Hooray for M. and hooray for their mom who met half-way (200 + mile drive for each of them)  and performed what M called the hostage exchange. Some motherly free time for their mom in exchange for 3 children for us.

Anyone like to make a different sort of  hostage exchange here in Pillville?


Ms. Moon said...

Uh...a chicken for a heron? An artichoke for a tomato? A possum for a sea lion? Oh wait. You already have possums.

Joanne said...

You are adorable. The kids should have fun and I hope the lighten the mood of your days.

Steph(anie) said...

What lucky kids who get to stay with their grandma and do watersports camp! Unfortunately I have nothing to offer regarding other hostage exchanges except virtual hugs. I'd pour you a drink maybe.