Saturday, June 6, 2015

One Year Later

Deodar planted last summerin Dan's honor by the Tai Chi Chuan Association.
It looks healthy and strong and a little bit taller.
I drove into Hollywood this morning and met M for an early lunch. Afterwards we went to Bronson Canyon to Dan's tree in commemoration of the anniversary of his death. We didn't really have a plan for what we'd do there other than depositing a small amount of Dan's ashes, but M pointed out that someone had tied a small white ribbon to the tree. Maybe someone else had visited and left it as a tribute? What could we leave? Locks of hair? Thread pulled from our clothing? We wanted to leave something too, so we tore thin strips from our business cards and tied the ends of the ribbon around them.

As we stood in silence for a couple of minutes next to the tree, I could hear a raven calling. I saw a lot of ravens on my trip to Alaska and also heard the story of indigenous Tlingit people's creation myth wherein the Raven brings the world into being by stealing the sun. The Raven is sometimes called the Owner of Daylight and is thought of as the creator of the world. So there we were, the raven, the tree, M, and me.

When I got back home and checked my email, the daily poem from was this:

He Prefers Her Earthly

Thomas Hardy

This after-sunset is a sight for seeing,
Cliff-heads of craggy cloud surrounding it.
     —And dwell you in that glory-show?
You may; for there are strange strange things in being,
               Stranger than I know.
Yet if that chasm of splendour claim your presence
Which glows between the ash cloud and the dun,
     How changed must be your mortal mould!
Changed to a firmament-riding earthless essence
               From what you were of old:
All too unlike the fond and fragile creature
Then known to me….Well, shall I say it plain?
     I would not have you thus and there,
But still would grieve on, missing you, still feature
               You as the one you were.


Ms. Moon said...

Anniversaries are the hardest and I am glad you went and visited Dan's tree (which is beautiful) and noted the raven and then found the poem.
Dear woman- I cannot believe it's been a year.
Loving you from afar...Mary

37paddington said...

The poem is uncanny, and the visit to Dan's tree a perfect tribute. Holding him in memory, and you in love.