Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What the yoga teacher said, birds of prey, summer colds, and other miscellany

I took all these photos of doors in Greece on the island of Naxos a few years ago.

I forget what the yoga teacher said. I wanted to remember. It was good.

I have a cold of sorts. There a chinchilla in my throat and it might be pawing a nest inside my chest. There's a bird of prey in my gut. And in yoga, I noticed during savassana that there's a floater in my right eye that looks like a cartoon devil. It jumps around with a little pitchfork, its mouth moving up and down. It's telling me that if I get sick, really sick, I might not have to go back to taking care of my mom.

I know the devil is lying. So I'm not going to get sick. Because I have to bring her back here so she can get back on hospice living with someone who can stay home most of the time, etc, etc, etc. So now I'm imagining that the bird of prey is eating the chinchilla. I'm not sure how I will get rid of the bird of prey. (Dear Dan, Thanks for the Xanax you left behind. I might need it.)

Mostly I'm going to keep busy today. I've remodeled my pantry, moving shelves, adding shelves. Now there's a place for our five microwave hot packs and it's very near the microwave. I've taken the stack of my mom's medical paper work out of there and I'm going to get a file box and put it somewhere. Ditto with the 3 gallon size bags of unused meds which would be stupid to throw away. In case she's ever on them again, those  could save us a bundle in co-pays.

Speaking of saving me a bundle, I can't imagine (Dear law makers, can you explain this?) why I would be able to put my mom in a nursing home for a 4 or 5 thousand dollars or more per month once she qualifies for Medi-Cal when I could have a reasonably adequate caregiver assistance her at home for half that.

While I'm waiting for that to be explained to me, I'm going to paint the inside of my front door sea glass green or turquoise or some color that is not brown. I do not want to look down my hallway and see a big brown door. I'm going to paint my laundry room similarly since the door is always open and we can see in there from the living room and the kitchen. I want color everywhere I look.

And while I'm painting, I'm going to try and remember what the yoga teacher said.


Ms. Moon said...

Color. Yes. As much as possible. I always say that life is too short for brown. Or beige.
But that's not really what you were talking about, is it?
I so wish I had an answer to these things. I no more do than I know what the yoga teacher said. The older I get, the less I know about anything to the point where I'm almost afraid to open my mouth for fear that some huge ignorance is going to jump out.
But yes, that devil does lie. I'm pretty sure about that.

Elizabeth said...

This all sounds sensible, even trying to remember what the yoga teacher says.

lily cedar said...

Colorful doors sounds like a wonderful idea. I'd never thought of it but I like it. Governments and bureaucrats are often short sighted. When Katie lived at home I asked for more help and was refused. At that time we received $25,000/year in help. Now her care costs more than $150,000/year. WTF!

Hope it goes well picking up your mum.