Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Looking for a Sign

Venus and Jupiter are converging. The moon is almost full. The night sky so full of wonder, I don't know which way to look.

As I put some things in my hatch this morning after a Goodwill shopping spree, I heard a song that Dan liked wafting into the parking lot from somewhere. Just as I recognized the song, I saw that someone had scrawled a message in the dust on my car. "I heart u love." The confluence of those two things brought me to tears. The world seems full of messages right now. I'm watching and listening.

I know, of course, that it was probably one of my grandchildren that wrote the message.
Every message needs a messenger.

Whether you're looking for the messiah or love, there will be a sign.


Ms. Moon said...

I will be watching for it.

Elizabeth said...

Thrilling. I believe in signs, feel it's sort of our duty to be open to them, particularly if we ask the universe to show them to us.

37paddington said...

Oh. Such magic.