Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bird of the Day: Forster's Tern

The photo is not the best, but that's the new guy there on the left.

I was obsessed with the shore birds when I moved here over three years ago. I couldn't ID a single one except for the brown pelican. I still can't really tell all the gulls apart, but there are a dozen birds I do recognize. Because I walk the same beach over and over again, I haven't seen much new in the world of birds--until today. I believe the smaller bird on the left is a forster's tern.The larger terns on the right are elegant terns.  I love them all.

And how about tonight's sunset?


Ms. Moon said...

Oh, Denise. I love that you can take these walks. Same shore every day and yet-always different.

Elizabeth said...

Seriously is right. I hardly came out of my house today after a three hour meeting with the mediator. Honestly, Denise? I don't know how you did all those years ago.