Friday, April 16, 2010


After days of stewing and two nights of little sleep, I came up with a new proposal. "Let's quit," I titled the email to my attorney. Then I listed the key points.
1. Mr. Ex can keep the farmland. I don't want any of it. I won't be party to putting his cousin out of a job and a home just so we can divide something we don't really need.
2. I don't want to be reimbursed for my grad school tuition. I put Mr. Ex through law school. I put myself through grad school. Yay. I've graduated. Yay again.
3. I don't want any of Mr. Ex's bonus from 2007. Legally, I'm entitled to 50% of 7/12s of it. Or 7/12s of 50 % of it. Or something like that. Fuck it. I've spent weeks searching through bank statements trying to figure out where he stashed it. Not worth it.
4. His capitol account at his law firm? Don't want it. He has no capitol with me.
5. What I do want is what remains in our two joint checking accounts. Cash. Ready & available. It's not quite all there, the money that should be there. I don't care. I'll take it.
Bets anyone? Will he go for it?


stephanie said...

But I was so excited for him to pay you back for grad school. :(

One would hope he'd take it. I mean, doesn't he want to be settled up too? What's holding him back?

Anonymous said...

He is such a greedy man, why is he making you run around like this? Seriously, he needs to respect you more.