Friday, April 30, 2010


Blog=Web log.  In other words, a log to be read on the web. Restricting this blog's access to the reading public does not serve my purpose. Which is to say: Here I am. Writing. Read it.
A writer needs exposure.
I could have created  a new blog. Maybe something less problematic--like Cooking for Agoraphobics or Recipes for the Chronically Depressed
It might go like this.
I don't like to go out. Especially in winter after sunset. I might be starving, and my refrigerator will have only 6 lemons, a half-empty carton of milk, a swallow of orange juice, 2 eggs and some yogurt. My pantry will be just as sparse. The freeezer? Gin. Vodka. And a mostly empty carton of lemon sorbet. But I can cook you dinner, and you will love it.
Dinner #1 or Orange is a Happy Color
Bake a sweet potato. Bake it in the oven, not the microwave.
Melt some butter, and swish it around in the what's left of the orange juice. Set aside.
Toast some sunflower seeds in a black skillet. Watch them carefully or you will set the house on fire.
Pour the sauce over the sweet potato. Garnish with the sunflower seeds.
Serve with a side of yogurt.
Dinner #2 or Red is a Happy Color
Toast the dried out dinner roll you brought home from a restaurant a couple of days ago. 
You may brush it with olive oil & foraged herbs.
Or you may spread it with canned tomatoes or spaghetti sauce sprinkled with parmesan. 
Serve with a side of yogurt.
Lunch #1 or Orange and Yellow Are Both Happy Colors.
Gather whatever fruit is growing in your backyard or your neighbor's yard or your alley.
Peel and eat.
Breakfast # 1 or Coffee is a Happy Color
Make coffee. 
Get over your disappointment that the milk is empty.
Substitute ice cream or chocolate (preferably milk chocolate) or powdered hot chocolate mix. Or maybe Kahlua.
Don't use yogurt.
I could have started a new blog. But I like this blog. So here it is out in the open, and the people who get themselves in a tizzy over it shouldn't read it.


Anonymous said...

Where is the "like this decision" button? Oh wait...not on Facebook. My bad. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love it, Denise! Fantastic looking blog :)

stephanie said...


opaik said...

All in all, this seems like a pretty good solution to several problems. Auspiciously apt

Elizabeth said...

Why oh why have I missed all these posts? I am catching up and loving the act.

Allegra Smith said...

Hearty congratulations! there is really something extremely good for the soul once we reclaim the power we have given to ghosts.