Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Denver and full of glee at the prospect of 3 days crammed with writers, readings, books and friends at AWP.  Lunch in the Cherry Hill neighborhood with a friend after she met me at the airport. Cherry Hill. Familiar. Oh, yes. Mr. Ex worked in Denver on a case for a few months right out of law school. He stayed with his cousin who lived in...Cherry Hill. I came to visit him. We went to the Denver Museum of Art. And because it was shortly after he'd found out that he passed the California Bar Exam, we went together to the Denver courthouse where he was sworn in--or whatever it is one does after passing the Bar. Me at his side for the momentous occasion. I chased the memory away.
My friend drove me to the Hyatt. "You should go into the Brown Palace and take a look around," she said as we rounded a corner and came face to face with a historic red stone building.
"I've stayed there," I said. I remembered the room Mr. Ex and I had shared. If the Red Queen had gone to design school and had a little more sweetness & whimsy in her personality instead of pure aggression she would have had a room in her palace just like it. The front desk clerk gave our daughters bowls of goldfish when we checked in. We had a wonderful dinner in the restaurant. There'll be no more dinners like that.
Good-bye glee. Please come back.
Which is not to say I want Mr. Ex back. I want to be rid of him, memories, joint assets and all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a financial resolution soon.

I've followed your story for a while now and could not help myself when I googled your ex to see what he looked like. His wedding pictures are easy enough to find and frankly he looks silly in his wedding garb.

I wondered what mutual friends of yours thought at the end of that day. I would have found it difficult to keep a straight face.