Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good-bye, Denver.

AWP has come to an end and I feel like a giant flightless bird who has ravaged the Denver Convention Center crying Awp! Awp! devouring everything in its path.
I've reconnected with friends from a dozen states.
I have books freshly signed by a couple of those friends.
I have business cards from editors & new friends.
I have resolutions.
I have a prayer. Dear God, If I am ever on a panel, please do not let me misuse my position as a presenter by sinking to shameless self-promotion.
Yes, there has been a disappointment or two.

 And while on the subject of disappointments, would the designer of the toilets in the Denver Convention Center, please explain why they consistently splash water all over the seat when flushed? Come forward, admit your error and be punished. I think there are hundreds of women who would be happy to join me in this effort.

Good-bye Denver.
Thanks for the free buses, blue skies, clean streets, and good coffee.

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