Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christian Louboutin Shoes: 700.00 to 5500.00/My Family: Priceless

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The Science Behind the Perfect Home-Wrecker  

And here's the beginning of an essay that's looking for a home.

Red Soles

            “Christian Louboutin shoes have red soles,” my husband told me in the middle of a conversation I should have paid more attention to. I never suspected that a few months later he’d fall for someone who has a closet full of these $800 fashion statements.
            It was a sweltering Sunday afternoon in July when my husband pulled out a dining room chair and informed me that he wanted to marry his new love. Our marriage of three decades undoubtedly had a few worn spots in it, but with our youngest child about to leave for college, I was thinking of a trip for just the two of us. Slowing down. Spending time not wearing shoes. 
 The red-soled shoes had been hovering between us for months.

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Anonymous said...

Great essay, you tell a story so elegantly. I always look forward to reading whatever you write

I hope the vile minion doesn't miss this one.

Matrix Music Teacher said...

I thought you wanted a coke. That says it all. Great story, or beginning....

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your site because I was researching ideas for my Big fat Indian wedding and yes, it ll be a colossal understatement to say it was anything close to what I was expecting but I got reading and I am hooked.
Your words are sheer poetry-they make you cry and laugh at the same time. It must be very difficult to get over a man you have shared so much with, created life with but I am sure as your life gets more fabulous, your memories will fade until they are a cloudy blur. I hope you realize you are a very talented writer, a great person, loyal and smart-completely out of your husbands league. And if he wants to make a fool of himself with some home wrecking slut (I really wonder how conniving, vicious and manipulative these women are) its his loss. Congratulations on your newer more fun, more fab life!

Mathews said...


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