Thursday, March 24, 2011

Postscript on "Lurking"

In my search for community from the ranks of divorce sufferers and our supporters, I did not mean to imply that lurking or regularly reading a blog without visibly following it is somehow bad. It's not.

But as I continue to stunned by the vast and deep ocean of amazing blogs, I crave connection. Check out two of my recent favorites--blogs that I am now following--Camel Saloon and Myself the Only Kangaroo Among the Beauty (you can find the links in my sidebar--scroll waaaayyy down.) The more we have in common, the less we are divided is what I'm hoping. The image in my head is boats. Pretty little boats. In a safe harbor, each one next to the other. We can all sail away on our own, but right now--here we are--neighbors--so how about a beer?

Happy reading.

And apologies to those readers from India I see coming in on my live traffic feed. Um. This probably isn't the Indian wedding site you were hoping for. I wish you true love and a long and happy marriage.

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