Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Subscribe to a Blog Post or Get Fish Delivered to Your Door

I try not to trouble my brain with busy blogger monkey thoughts like how many followers my blog has, or how do I tell if I have email subscribers, and how lame is a hundred hits a day when folks like The Blogess have a blog-jillion of both. I just write. Which is how I think of this blog of mine. Writing. I write what is in my heart and mind and try to just pound it out and then tinker a bit so it pleases me and says what heart and brain is telling me to say. 

I've been trying to get a book published for uh-I-dunno---about  four years and the nice big agent is now about three years gone, and oh well. The book will happen. It looks like it's getting close to happening, but meanwhile I have to write so I write here. I think of this blog and its former incarnation whose name must remain a secret whisper in my dark blogger past as notes for my next book. Don't laugh. This is what a blog is. Remember? Web Log? That's how it started, I think. Not as a platform for ads and such--which are okay in certain blogs. But I can't "monetize" here or on either of my other two blogs because otherwise I'm advertising for divorce lawyers, or selling babies and underpants. Okay. Selling underpants could be fun, and I write about cheese a lot on My French Underpants so the cheese ads could be lovely, but when you monetize you have some spooky god of advertising deciding which ads are going to appear on your blog, and with my luck it would be edible underpants that taste like cheese. (Go ahead, run with that, but remember I thought of it first.) 

Which brings me to the point of this post:
I got this comment this morning, and I have no idea how to help Anonymous. 
I would really like to receive your blog in my inbox (does that make me lazy? so be it. I click through to you every day to see if you have a new post. You are my first-coffee-of-the-day right now; I hope I won't need you this badly forever, but for now I do.) But when I try to subscribe I'm told I already receive 'H** Big Fat I****** W******' - which I did - but - as your blog has changed its name, I no longer do. Can you please change that so that I can subscribe? Thanks so much. 

Do you think if Anonymous unsubscribed to my old blog and then tried to subscribe to my new blog that might work? Because I don't think it's lazy at all to want a blog post in your inbox. I'd get my morning espresso in my inbox if I could. Back when I was living my big fat life, I had a lot of things delivered to my door. Wine. Coffee. Fresh flowers. Water. Two Newspapers. Half a dozen magazines. Books. My groceries (remember Home Grocer?) Any article of clothing I didn't have to try on. We had a pond in our backyard at that big fat house, and the county regularly delivered mosquito-eating fish during the West Nile scare. But the guy with the fish wouldn't go into my backyard when I wasn't home because of Freckles our pitbull so I'd set out a bucket by my front door, and he'd ladle a bunch of fish into the bucket. One day, after the fish had been delivered, I got home just as the mail carrier was stuffing the mail into my box. She pointed to the fish. Then looked at able-bodied me with a sort of puzzled disdain on her face. "Now that is going too far," she said. "Fish!" Then she harrumphed away.

So, my dear Anonymous, try unsubscribing and re-subscribing and check back here for words of wisdom and technical know-how that may wondrously appear here courtesy of the blogosphere. I want you to have what you want.

And does anyone know how I could get French cheese delivered to my door? Another business idea here: Fromage du Jour


stephanie said...

I'm a huge Google Reader advocate. That's how I read all my blogs. No emailing required.

Ms. Moon said...

I, like Steph, use Google Reader. Works great for me.
Good luck with the book, baby!

Lilith said...

I'm with anonymous. I can't unsubscribe to your old blog and when I try to subscribe to this one, it says I already subscribe. But your posts don't show up on my blog updates. Sigh.

Lilith said...

I'm not really a stupid woman and I thought there must be a way to do this. So I unsubscribed to this blog, closed the window, came back and hit follow. Now your posts show up on my blog updates. Yay!

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

YAY, HOORAY! Thanks for the info, Lilith. Blogger is so easy to use....until a glitch happens!