Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Radiation Vacation Cancelled

I think I felt the good news coming.

Crickets belting their song like there was a Broadway show somewhere beyond the hibiscus hedge last night while the man who loves me and I feasted on steaming bowls of pasta topped with whole portobello mushrooms. Red wine and moonlight followed us into the living room where he hooked up his iPod, and we danced to  an old-timey tune. "Won't you be my teddy until my big bear comes around?" were the lyrics full of mischief and sensuality that  got me laughing. Laughing and dancing while the moon aims its beam through your window is some kind of holy delight.

And then the phone calls this morning. The daughter M. calling on her drive to work full of her usual love and light. The phone call from the doctor. The spot on my mom's lung is gone. The PET scan found nothing in the spot where there once was a spot. These things happen. A transient infection or inflammation. Not cancer. Of course there might be another spot sometime in the future. Of course. Anything could happen.

Next MOM PROJECT: hearing aid.
What? Did you say you were making Kool-Aid?
No, Mom, you're getting a hearing aid.

photo credit: scifigeektees.com


dan said...

YAAAAAA for little victories!!

stephanie said...

I'm happy for happiness. :)

giftsofthejourney said...

That's wonderful news! I'm so pleased for you and your mom.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh, La! and bless!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! How utterly fantastic. I say have another drink and dance kind of night!

Puanani said...