Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bears and Babies--not baby bears

Therapy is not in my budget right now, and I have to do something with this dream. Any Jungians out there, feel free to comment.

The bears were invading Altadena. There were apple orchards, and the growers left barrels of apples sitting around. They gave apples to the Waldorf school up there in the shadow of the San Gabriel mountains so the kids could have nutritious organic snacks, and those apples were sitting around outside, too. The bears got word and came down the mountain. 

I was living up there in a big old house with my sister Van and my brother Mike. They were young--as if the dream took place decades ago, but I was the age I am now, I think. We had a baby we were raising, and a bear came into the house. I saw the bear and grabbed the baby, but the bear caught us as I was running up the steps. I thought it best not to pull the baby's foot from the bear's mouth. The bear wasn't biting the baby. Just licking. Licking like it was the most delicious baby it had ever tasted. "Quick!" I called. "Get the peanut butter!" And Van and Mike came with soup spoons and long-handled serving spoons and spatulas, scooping peanut butter as they ran toward me and the baby. They waved the spoons at the bear and the bear turned around, leaving me to run upstairs with the baby where I could hide and block the door with all the furniture in the nearest bedroom room. Through the railing, I could see Van and Mike dropping the spoons one by one; the bear pawing and licking them as if they were lollipops as Van and Mike backed away. 

In real life the only animal that scares me more than bears is sharks. Critter jitters. I can get them really bad. Babies I'm okay with.


Ms. Moon said...

It is so hard for me to post comments here. I do not know why. Anyway, I was trying to say that I think your dream said that although you have felt threatened by your deepest fears, you are figuring out ways to be safe. And protect those you love. Cleverly.

Jules said...

OMG, another really great bear dream...The baby, of course, is your creativity born out of the ashes of your old life....... the bear is a theme of resurrection. After a long period of deep, introspective (even death-like) comatose span of inaction – the bear emerges, victorious and driven to sustain its life (with prime focus on feeding itself and its offspring after hibernating).

This correspondence with solar and lunar duplicity continues in alchemical tradition where the bear is considered a symbol of transformation. The bear is a powerful symbol of prime matter in alchemy too. Ancient alchemists observed the scent of a bear far outlasts its presence in caves. This caters to an energetic resonance that remains in practices. In other words, if in ritual a powerful balancing effect was required the bear would be a advantageous alchemical animal within the Work. (of transformation)
The bear is showcased in countless cultures because it is undeniably dynamic in energy and stature.

Steph(anie) said...

I have no idea what it means, but "licking like it was the most delicious baby it had ever tasted" almost killed me.