Sunday, August 7, 2011


I've done a lot of thinking the last few days. Some of it angst-y. Some of it more serene.

I've followed a couple of weird impulses. Like going to an open house for an old craftsman not too far from where I live now. The house is on the Register of Historic Places which would mean no property taxes, and in my head, I've already spent the money I would save....which is not saving it at all, is it?

Then I researched where I could live without paying state taxes. Hmmm. I imagined myself in various places all over the map.  But the states where I could stretch my dollar like a piece of soft sweet taffy aren't exactly whetting my appetite.

My divorce is pretty much behind me. It will be several weeks before the agreement to divide our joint assets is formally recorded or entered or whatever by the courts, but I'm done. There's nothing left to read or fight over, or think about, or be hurt by. I'm looking at the last four years in my rearview mirror.

Vroom. And eating my own dust. It's just now, I think, that I really feel the empty nest.

and the absence of the dogs.

If someone asked me out of the blue if I wanted to sell my house, would I do it?

In less than two weeks, I go back to the east coast for the Big Radiation Vacation. Maybe I'll fall in love with the city of Baltimore, or decide to buy a tiny old house trailer and live near my brother for a while and see how this whole radiation business for  my mom works out.

I could take her to see her sister every week. Because who knows when that last grain of sand in the hourglass will sift to the bottom.


Elizabeth said...

Wow. Must you make all of these decisions now? I ask that in a purely selfish mode.

Ms. Moon said...

Yeah, I'm with Elizabeth. Probably best to breathe for awhile. Florida has no personal income tax. And the rural areas have very low property taxes. Not that it probably sounds appealing to you to live in a rural area of Florida. There are certainly drawbacks attached.

I am assuming those are your parents. They are beautiful beyond words.

Tammy said...

We have 5 votes (if anyone is counting) that you do not move that far away from the people who love you. Maybe we should come for a visit and fill up that nest!

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Well, okay. I'm not going anywhere super soon.

Mrs. Moon, when I think of Florida, I think of reptiles with razor-like teeth, large bugs, and humidity. Well, that's what I used to think. Now I imagine diving for scallops....

Maybe what I need is a trip to the dessert. All that dry heat ought to clear my head!!

Lilith said...

Bittersweet. Lovely photo of you with your mom and aunt I'm guessing.

Puanani said...

What a liberating post. Travel on!