Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friends Soon to Arrive in Margaritaville!

I'm having a few friends over tonight. Not the big my divorce is all settled party--because it's not. I just learned yesterday that it will be another 30 days before the judgement is entered, and I still owe big bucks to the attorney who is handling the QDRO. Divorce speak there. Be glad if you do not know that means Qualified Domestic Restraining Order.

BUT I do believe this evening's little fiesta is a test run of the menu for a bigger bash at a later date. Doesn't all this stuff look good. What could be better for a party in Margaritaville?! Right?

It just so happened that the local grocery store was roasting chiles today. "Get the hot ones," the guy said. "You can always cool something down, but you can't heat it up." I'll say.

With six friends coming over, there's no way we're going to eat a box of chiles. But they can be frozen--and I'm going to give some away for party favors.

These Saturday night gatherings began a couple of weeks ago. First it was a barbeque at the friends' house that I consider to be my "Earthquake Kit." They have a wine cellar, and with a good pair for shoes, I could walk there through the rubble. The wine that night was amazing, of course. We followed it up the next week at another couple's house. Gin and tonics. The gin came from a boutique distillery in Canada. I'd give up showering if I could figure out how to make gin that good in  my bathtub. We had a full array of dim sum that night and fruit salad and figs stuffed with goat cheese. 

So, tonight is tequila night.


Elizabeth said...

When do I bring the cake?

Ms. Moon said...

Let the madness begin!