Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TaDa!!! Announcement!!!

I am a practicing heterosexual.
Just sayin'.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell ends today. The Pentagon is now accepting applications from openly gay candidates. Which I'm in favor of. Not the Pentagon especially. But openly gay, if that's what you are. And if you're not openly gay, that's fine by me, too. I don't go around shouting about how much I love men. Well. Ok. Sometimes I do. But check out my profile. It doesn't say "heterosexual." Cuz, well.....I'm so much more than that. And what I do in that regard--none of your business. Unless you're the person I shared that merlot with last night.
By the way, here are the states where gay marriage is legal:
Massachusettes, Connecticut, D.C., New Hampshire New York, Vermont, and Iowa. And there are other states, too, where you can have a same-sex civil union or domestic partnership.
And did you know that there's a movement among heterosexual couples to support marriage equality by getting their marriage licenses in states where gay marriage is legal?
And sort of on the subject of marriage equality: I cannot get married again if I would like to continue to receive alimony from the person I put through law school and supported in so many ways for  thirty years.
But anyhow, don't forget--I'm a practicing heterosexual.


Birdie said...

In Canada, same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005. We were the 4th country in the world to do this. Our country has many, many problems but the fact that Canada did this makes me stand a little taller.

Ms. Moon said...

The fact that the USA is so damn slow and such a bunch of religious right dumbshits makes me stoop a little more.
(That was for Birdie.)
For you, Denise, I say- LIVE IN SIN!

Puanani said...

You keep collecting those alimony payments, baby!

Anonymous said...

Just live in sin:)

kimmie said...

I was just having a conversation with a friend that reminds me of this whole business. I got married late (I was 35) and until I got married my mom and her husband (not my dad) thought I must be gay. Now they don't wonder about that anymore.

Jules said...

I am a currently non-practicing heterosexual and don't really care about other peoples preferences as long as their children are safe, healthy and in school.