Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Kitchen!

It's two weeks to the day since the Great Washing Machine Disaster, and my repaired and improved kitchen is done.

My ceiling has been dried out, patched, repainted--and a new light fixture has been installed.

The cabinets have been sanded, stained, and refinished--and new hardware has been installed. The cabinets  were not damaged in the leak, but the floor business was slow, and the man who loves me suggested putting his guys to work for a couple of days. I'm glad I said yes because they (the cabinets) are now so much more attractive than they were. The guys haven't changed much.

The long narrow return next to my fabulous red vacuum cleaner will be painted with chalkboard paint this weekend. I have a thing for chalkboard paint and already have my supplies standing by. There's always stuff you wanna write down in the kitchen. Post-it Notes are too small and like to flutter away. This chalkboard will be big enough to write a poem or a list of ingredients for a big dinner, or draw a map or mark how tall my grandkids are when they come to visit. Then we can compare those marks on their next visit.

The lights have a dimmer. Which is cool since my kitchen is a tiny galley-style kitchen and the dining room is just on the other side of the bar that adjoins the sink. Now we can get all moody.

My tool box is back in the garage. Aaand yeah, it's red and my car is red. 

But my drill is still on an end table in the living room. I will probably put some kind of frame around the chalk board.

I dig doing projects--especially when I have help that can keep me from getting overwhelmed. TMWLM and I took all the doors of the hinges. He made the templates for the hardware. His friend Ken attached the first half dozen or so drawer pulls. The night before last, I reattached all the doors. This morning after a little espresso, strawberries, sourdough toast, and some encouragement from TMWLM, I drilled the rest of the holes and attached the remaining hardware. Clean-up and then........tada!


Paula said...

Wow, Denise, looks great and love that you shared all these great pictures with us!! I am in the process of finding my new home and will be consulting with you on any projects needed! My house officially on the market as of yesterday and lots of showings already! Excited for downsizing...! Paula

Jules said...

Oh, D, these photos made a major dent in my crabbiness! How lovely your new kitchen looks. And you so deserve it! I can't wait to visit!

Ms. Moon said...

Good work! I know you're proud. You should be.

Elizabeth said...

It's time for a party and some cake.

Photocat said...

That looks good! Nothing like a neat and nice kitchen. And one has to love those dimmers. Well done! My husband is so proud of you and your drill... ;o))

Steph(anie) said...

I am inspired. I go all limp-wristed when it comes to power drills.