Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Turdsday. Shit I've Learned about Divorce #5: A Gem from a Reader Comment

"When we mutually determined to divorce, we both agreed that we married in the best of intentions, so thus we also decided that if we must divorce, we must do so with the same spirit.."

That's humbling, this comment from one of my readers of a recent Thursday post.
It's all I have to say about divorce today.

I'd rather point out the way the morning light makes my dining room look like it's been dipped in gold after the man who loves me spends an evening here.

My heart has the same look, I'm pretty sure. 


Elizabeth said...

Some snapshots speak all the world's words of love --

Birdie said...

As a divorced person I can honestly say that I would had trouble divorcing with the best of intentions. I would like to leave my anger and frustration behind. For the most part I let if drop years ago but when I have to deal with him (because of our children)anger still comes up.
However, the fact is I am linked to him now forever. He will be there when my kids graduate, when they get married and when they have children of their own. His new wife will be there too. Holding on to anger will deeply wound and damage me and my kids and will likely only graze him. Not worth it.
It was a good comment.

Jules said...

Life finds a way,
Love finds a way
and it is what it is.
Nothing more and nothing less