Friday, October 28, 2011

What I Like About Walking Dogs

1. Walking
2. Dogs
3. Zero fashion sense required
4. No one cares if there's poop on my shoes
5. Talking to myself while it appears that I am talking to a dog
6. Talking to a dog
7. Sitting in the grass in the park while giving a dog a belly rub
8. Saying things like, "Go ahead, pee on that tree too."
9. Saying "Who wants some love?" out loud in the middle of the park on a sunny day.
10. Dogs. I said that already? Well, I'm sayin' it again.

The little dog in the photo is named Boo Boo. He's sweet, well-behaved and very enegetic. His face is gray, but his spirit is young. He's at the San Gabriel Humane Society.


Steph(anie) said...

I like this list.

Jules said...

Me too, a lot.

Elizabeth said...

I love the talking to yourself part.

Anonymous said...

I do some of my best thinking out loud while walking Max-he's a great sounding board.

Anonymous said...

I had to give up my dogs three years ago. Still miss them. I go the off leash park down by the river to get my fill of dogs, pet random dogs and talk to them.

kimmie said...

Talking out loud to a dog ... So much saner than talking out loud into a bluetooth :)

My own additions to the list: what a good boy!! (repeated about 50 times in varying levels of affection and amazement) .... And the happy dance that appears every time I sit down to lace up my shoes ... So much everlasting hope and joy :)

S Kay Murphy said...

Lilith, I share your pain. Hiking in Mt Baldy, I often stop people with dogs and ask, "Do you mind if I meet your dog?"

Rumor has it William Wordsworth used to wander the hills, walking for hours with his dog so that he could recite recent poetic compositions aloud and, should he encounter others on the trail, they would assume he was simply talking to the dog. (Because... I guess... one would be thought odd if one were reciting poetry aloud... but certainly not if talking to one's dog.)

Patricia said...

I found myself closing the curtains and blinds today, so that I could have an uninterrupted conversation with myself. Does this sound familiar to anyone?