Sunday, October 2, 2011

This just seems wrong

From the New York Times: Guys, Skip the Break-In on These Louboutins

I've written about Louboutins before HERE and HERE. They hold a special repugnant significance in my life.

Or it could be that I'm too clumsy to walk in high heels and maybe I'm secretly jealous. But even if I thought I could walk in them, I'd have to stumble onto a swank garage sale and get them cheap. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars for shoes?

It seems like the world should be walking in the shoes of the people who are out of work, the shoes of people who can't afford health insurance, the shoes of people without shoes.

And did you know that the New York Times only covered the Occupy Wall Street protests in the "N.Y./Region" news? It didn't merit being categorized "U.S." or "Top News." The Los Angeles Times had their article on page 26. That seems wrong, too.


Elizabeth said...

That's mighty suspicious, right? Everyone is in thrall to the great forces of capitalism -- it's difficult not to become just a crazy conspiracy socialist --

Ms. Moon said...

I'm not sure our paper even covered it. At all.
Good point about the shoes. Not that it'll ever be a problem for me. Either the cost or the wearing-of them.

kimmie said...

It's all over the news here - but I get my news on NPR.

Forget the heels - I really lust for a pair of sabots.

Those would be good shoes for the OWS.