Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Beautiful Details

I'm still swimming in the beauty of my daughter's wedding.

The place:

The flowers (origami created by the bride herself): Above is a boutonniere and a wrist corsage; below are the bouquets for the bride and the maid of honor--a bit out of focus.

The invitations were handmade, too. Here's the detail that appeared at the top and at the bottom--a hand-tied lover's knot:

At the reception my 87-year-old mom was still able to perch on a barstool and....

dance! (on the dance floor, not on the bar stool)

The Maid of Honor's toast was bolt of blinding love. There was a part in it that went something like this, " speak love--loud and soft. Speak love profoundly. Speak love prosaically in the aisles of the supermarket. Speak love, and never, ever shut up."

And there was plenty of lobster every single day that we were there--eaten with family, eaten with friends, eaten with the man who loves me while the water glimmered in the background reflecting all that love right back at us.


Elizabeth said...

Everything is so beautiful -- the origami corsages and bouquets (how cool!), your mom, you -- where the bride? I want to see her photo!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos.

SandyCarlson said...

Fun stuff here, and I love the origami!

Milky Tea said...

Isn't it lovely to be in love at a wedding? Beautiful, especially your mum! God bless her! God bless you! And the newly weds!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the pictures too and amazing about your mom doing so much dancing. Glad it all went well especially with all of the family together.