Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Angry Birds

It's hard to say what the neighbors thought if they saw me leaning out of my bedroom window wiping my window-washing drips with a wad of paper towel clasped in a pair of tongs. The squeegee-sponge gizmo worked well, but I couldn't quite get the proper angle to apply the requisite pressure to the squeegee on the window that was the hardest to reach. The alarmed swallows threatening to peck my eyes out while defending their nests (yes, there are two of them now) added to the drama. I washed the wall of windows in the master bedroom one at a time, mindful that the swallows might need a break from all the stress. I certainly needed a break from wondering what would possess a builder or an architect to create the odd combo of double-hung and sliding windows that are difficult to access for washing from the inside. There is a rather handy ledge, but having seen those architectural trim pieces at Home Depot that appear to be made out of something like styrofoam, I couldn't help but wonder if the ledge might crumble. Plummeting to the patio would be very inconvenient.

I washed all the windows on the second floor that could be accessed today, running the screens down to the patio for hosing and then back up again.

I applied privacy film to the lower panes of my bathroom windows, so that now I can run stark naked through the bathroom--which is what one often does in the bathroom. Even though my neighbors windows look directly into my bathroom, it's now possible to lie in the tub unobserved while still seeing the sky through the upper panes. And window coverings are now unnecessary.

Another builder/design conundrum: If you are going to put  giant windows in a bathroom--windows that require shades or blinds, being able to access said shades or blinds without climbing into the bathtub and then out of it onto the far edge of the bathtub to do so would be sensible.

I unpacked boxes, moved boxes around from here to there, and swore at the boxes that are too heavy. I think I'm going to ask anyone who visits to carry a box of books up the stairs if they are able.

I washed linens and put them on the two new beds.

I made four stacks of sheets and blankets, getting ready for an onslaught of grandchildren.

And tonight, I'm going to sleep in a bed here for the first time.

The air bed is pushed into a corner waiting for guests. Hear that? It's me sighing with contentment.


Ms. Moon said...

Such a good feeling to nest and then rest.

Elizabeth said...

I'll carry all those book boxes for you. I'm a very strong Italian peasant woman, you know.

Wrinkling Daily said...

I heard you, I did. And I am happy for you.

Marla Hinds said...
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Marla Hinds said...

Hi there, Denise! Having windows in the bathroom is very ideal! I like the concept of applying privacy film to the lower panes! It can make you do whatever you want without being observed. Anyway, I’m so impressed on how you clean your windows regularly. That way, you are able to know if something is wrong with your windows.

Marla Hinds