Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm floored.....

The floors are in. Moldings yet to come.

The paint color on the accent wall is called "Beach Hut." The other walls are a pale yellow. The picture does not quite capture it.  The window shades have dragon flies on them.

The window shades in here are a tweedy brown. You can see the water from this room, which makes the blue kind of breathtaking.

This is my room. The accent wall, at the head of the bed, is "Bountiful Orange."The other walls are "Pearl." The quilt for my bed is pearl and blue. Opposites on the color wheel are exciting, but I think the room will still be restful because the orange won't be seen while one is lying in bed.

And here we have my favorite nostalgic childhood collection installed in the kitchen. I'm going to have to prop them on little platforms or something. They look like they're sinking. Custer's in enough trouble as it is. It would be good if it looked like his horse had legs.
And the Lone Ranger and Tonto look like they're riding through quicksand.

My dad bought me these horses and riders one at a time starting in about 1956 or so. They've lived with me in 8 different houses. This is their first time displayed in the kitchen. I suppose most people would put pretty plates up there or tea cups or tea pots or something kitchen-y. Or maybe because I live near the beach, giant seashells or sailboats would be an option.

Surprise! I've got cowboys and Indians and soldiers instead.


Young at Heart said...

ooh I like your style.....found you through the divine Mrs going to play catch up now!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow. I love it all. I've always wanted something orange in my house -- what shade did you use? And that collection is awesome --

Suz said...

I love all your choices....
your choices...boy doesn't that have a nice ring to it?
good for you....and near the water...terrific