Friday, July 27, 2012

Announcing!!!.....the boat naming contest winners!!!

Thank you all for the excellent and creative entries. I said that I would choose my favorite three, and here they are:

 First, MerSea by one of my favorite bloggers over at

 Second, Runcible Spoon by Joan from France.

And tied for third are Dancing in the Moonlight by Birdie, and Wave Wench by Suz

Being the neophyte that I am, I have no idea if people name kayaks, but maybe all of these names will be employed eventually by boats that will live at my dock (pictured above with one of my favorite visitors.) Please email me at with your snail mail address I will happily email you a copy of "Saying Goodbye." Saying Goodbye is a collection of essays, both poignant and humorous, by an international group of authors. As you might have guessed, I have an essay in the book, too.


Ms. Moon said...

MerSea is a GREAT name.

Suz said...

oh my, mine was a shot in the dark
after 2 glasses of wine...snicker snicker
I love the name you chose..MerSea
...a beautiful name
Wave Wench is naughty :)
Maybe someday you'll have a dock of boats...!thanks