Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bird of the Day: Cafe Sparrow

Yesterday's bird of the day was Heermann's Gull.

Today was the granddaughter's first day of really playing in the waves.

Who needs a shovel when you're busy in the water?

And I don't need a shovel either while I'm busy keeping an eye on the girl. I've made it a goal to get her to the sand every day. Yesterday, I think we only managed the yacht club pool, but that was pretty fun, too. I like saying the words, "yacht club." It makes me think that, one day, I will have a boat. And speaking of boats, even though I don't have a boat, tomorrow I will announce the boat naming contest winners!


Wrinkling Daily said...

A sparrow's beauty is often missed because it lets you get so close. Taken for granted, the poor dears, but I think that is precisely what makes them beautiful.

Your granddaughter will remember these days for a long, long time. How great that you are able to share this with her.

I forget to enter the contest! But I think I know who wins!

Ms. Moon said...

You are living the dream, girl.

Suz said...

oh the's my too late entry
wave wench

I adore your tales of the everyday
love your dreaming of that boat
love your eye on your granddaughter
good grandma
Ill bet your toes nails are painted some smokin color
just a guess