Sunday, July 22, 2012

Desert Sunday

Driving into the dessert, the heat rising, rocks bleached white as bones, wind farm propellers churning, the ocotillo, sinuous as though it's been tossed by waves, yet now standing forsaken without its sea. I'm intrigued by the landscape, but normally would not chose to visit it in July.
Worth it though if you get to bring back a granddaughter. I remember what a revelation it was when my kids were young, to get one of them alone for a time. This girl, I've never known without the context of her family. It's going to be a fascinating week. We talked about school for a lot of the drive. She had two autistic kids and an ADHD kid in her 4th grade class. She's fascinated by their abilities and disabilities. She's interested in psychology and what makes people do what they do. She says a friend's sister might be schizophrenic. When I was 10, I liked horses and still played with baby dolls.
It's going to be a fascinating week.


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Report in on your findings.

Wrinkling Daily said...

When I was in fourth grade, I still believed in Santa and made a worm hospital out of an old cake box. You two should have some great conversations. And yes, do please tell us what you learn from each other.

Elizabeth said...

When I was in fourth grade, I played Dorothy in the school play and had a crush on the Scarecrow, a boy named Billy Hall with straw-colored hair. I have a poster of David Cassidy in my room and wished I were Susan Dey in the Partridge Family.