Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thanks for the Love

I've eaten nothing but pizza for more than 24 hours. Prior to the pizza binge I consumed mostly  coconut cake. But what's really sustaining me is family, friends, and you, dear readers.  I have been lavished with well wishes, reaped the benefits of your physical labors, baked for, and served a fabulous breakfast the morning that the movers arrived (my only nutritious meal in recent memory.)

I'm lying in bed with the heating pad on my back as I type this post, but  I feel drenched in sweetness.

Thank you.


Young at Heart said...

oooh looks utterly delicious...just whay I want on another dissapointingly non-summer day in London....there are few things that don't feel better with cake!!

Wrinkling Daily said...

Hope your back feels better soon, but so glad you feel loved. It is, after all, just about everything.