Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grilled Red Snapper

It's quite possible that I experienced a personal best this evening grilling fish for tonight's dinner. I bought some red snapper off of a boat at the farmers market this morning.  The young fisherman did all the prep. While the grill was heating up, I winged it with some marinade. Dijon mustard. Lemon juice. Fig balsamic vinegar. A little olive oil. I didn't let the fish marinate---just brushed it. We had corn on the cob and green beans. It was all tasty, but the fish was amazing.

The fisherman said he makes door-to-door deliveries. Just leave an ice chest filled with ice by my door. 

Life in Margaritaville is fresh and good.


Elizabeth said...

Good lord. Fish deliveries? Now there's coffee, martinis and fish for the taking?

Ms. Moon said...

Whoa! Just like the milkman. Only he's the fishman. That is just way too cool.

Young at Heart said... fresh fish....squeeze of lemon and a load of good olive oil...and a bit sun-san-n-sea!!

Suz said...

now tell the truth...was he hunky?

Jules said...

time to change "everything will be alright" to "Everything is alright!"

N2 said...

Been catching up here and loving your posts about your new life with your Mom in your new spot. So glad you are continuing to write it for us. x0 N2