Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Which Three Generations, Two Hearing Aids, and an Oxygen Machine Go on a Roadtrip

Deja vu, right? Yes, except that this time we were driving east and the trip was a mere 400 hundred and some miles.

We attended a ballet recital.

And a birthday party.

Sat around the dining room table and talked and talked and talked, marveling at luck and love.
Lost a hearing aid. Found a hearing aid.
Almost had, not one, but two car crashes.

Tilted at windmills.
Saw a rainbow.

Dropped M at the airport.

Drove the PCH for the last leg of the trip.


photo credit for PCH photo: jhandleman.blogspot.com. 


Jules said...

Did you go dancing with my Dad??

Ms. Moon said...

No moss growing on your behind, woman!

Suz said...

such beautiful faces
...glad you made it back
and found the hearing aid
...and don't you just love every rainbow you see?

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Alas, no.
Late starts and a full calendar made our day and a half fly by.
Hoping for a longer visit.