Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sea Lions in Margaritaville!

I was just waking from a nap when I heard the woosh of breath and a gentle splash. A different sound from the immense splash of a diving pelican. Sea lions!

I went downstairs and told my mom, and we went out to the patio to watch them. The pelicans continued to soar and dive, and I found myself wondering if there had ever been a tragic pelican-sea lion collision.

And then there was a sort of "explosion" near the dock across the way where the sea lions were swimming under water. Dozens of small silver fish flew out of the water. Sea gulls descended. I pinched myself to see if I was awake. Fish exploding out of the water. Sea lions. Seagulls. Pelicans. In my back yard.

Oh, what a wonderful world.


Elizabeth said...

It IS time for a visit! I just need to get through February. Lots going on and even a short drive north would not be possible!

Ms. Moon said...

And this is why you moved to where you are now. How glorious!

Suz said...

ahhhh it's going to be a good year!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules said...

a sign of good fortune and "rightness" in your world
Well done you!