Friday, February 8, 2013

Society of the Deformed

Dear Richard,

While many history and Shakespeare lovers obsess over the news of your recently discovered remains beneath a parking lot, and discuss ad nauseum your nephews in the Tower of London, your longing for a horse, the fatal wounds to your head, it is the description of  the "u-shaped" curve in your spine that moves me.

I have scoliosis, too. My spine was s-shaped, and my rib cage crowded my heart and left lung. I went through high school with a hump. My back hurt all the time. I had surgery when I was 19. The hump was lessened, but I sometimes look in the mirror and see an Igor-like creature.

You were a king.
Kind of amazing.

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Ms. Moon said...

The problems people have with spines is part of the "proof" of my theory that we humans are genetic experiments between apes and aliens. We are not actually meant to walk upright on a planet with this gravity.
Spines are still a work in progress. Or, perhaps, a sort of failure.