Friday, October 4, 2013

Poseidon's Horses, Dominoes, and Roulette

sea spray being blown backwards by the Santa Ana winds

"Here in Pillville the winds can shift pretty quickly." At the risk of seeming completely self-obsessed, I'm quoting the final line of last night's blog post. The winds have, indeed, shifted here--the literal winds, that is.

The Santa Ana's kicked up this morning, blasting off the desert, with the potential for wildfires, psychic mayhem, and projectile palm fronds and patio umbrellas at a dangerous high. I don't know if I believe all the hoopla about the wind-borne positive ions driving us to desperate acts. But I don't rule it out.

My own patio umbrella had to be wrestled to the ground and restrained this morning. I'm hoping I don't suffer the same fate. When my mom is unwell, I don't feel it's right to leave her here alone, so I'm housebound, forsaking my morning walk and trip to the gym for T'ai Chi Chih. My concentration goes haywire and all the big questions ask themselves over and over. This morning there were doctor's phone calls to await with the answers to somewhat smaller questions. Do we hold the digoxin if she takes the antibiotics? What was found on the chest x-ray? Does she have a urinary tract infection? Currently, I only have the answer to one of those questions.

It was the antibiotics and their side effects that sent my mother to the hospital in June. INR levels off the charts, nausea that caused severe dehydration. We have a different antibiotic waiting in its nifty bubble packet on the kitchen counter. Spin the wheel. Stack up the dominoes. Which way will they fall when the wind is blowing everything backwards?

My friend Ellen and I drove the one mile to the beach this morning where we walked for twenty minutes while my mom was napping. The spray from the waves is blowing backwards--back out to sea. The waves looked like nymphs rising from the deep, their  platinum tresses trailing behind them. The especially long curls of waves brought to mind Poseidon's horses, white manes unfurling in the wind, galloping towards...whatever comes next.

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Ms. Moon said...

We're about to get some crazy weather too, I think. Maybe. A tropical storm and we have been so lucky to avoid them this year.
Well, hold on and don't let the crazy wind blow you backwards.

lily cedar said...

It's scary what drugs do to elderly people. My mum was the same way.

Elizabeth said...

You're like the female Raymond Chandler here.