Monday, January 20, 2014

Word of the Day

pneumothorax (plpneumothoraces) is an abnormal collection of air or gas in the pleural space that separates the lung from the chest wall and which may interfere with normal breathing.

Not a particularly happy word. The happy part is that the pneumothorax,  in the lung of the man who loves me, is small. It should heal itself, the doctor says. Meanwhile, he's pretty much confined to his hospital bed. I have confined myself to my bed in solidarity.

And doesn't the Glendale train station look stunning at night?


Ms. Moon said...

Rest. Both of you. So that the true work of healing and tending can begin.
Yes. Beautiful picture.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear this and will continue to send all my positive thoughts your way and his. And love, too.