Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Beach Report

C and I decided to let the thinset on our fabulous beach glass fireplace cure another day before grouting and had an extra long walk on the beach instead. We picked up a little trash (it's a pretty clean beach, really) marveled at all the beauty, picked up more sea glass, and saw a dead jellyfish-- while I told her what I know about snowy plovers and California least terns.

In keeping with the theme of the day we ate sushi for lunch, visited the maritime museum, and did some sea lion watching.

The large male snoozing behind the post may be the largest California sea lion I've seen. The group also included a very geriatric seeming sea lion who kept nodding off near the edge of the dock, jerking awake every time her nose hit the water. That's kind of the way I've been falling asleep at night. Refusing to give in as I scroll though pictures and old emails on my phone or on Dan's iPad until I drop them onto my face. Sleeping on a boat dock is not without hazards, and I'll bet plenty of people have given themselves black eyes by dropping their electronic devices onto their faces.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. And at this moment I'm at St. John's hospital drinking Toasted Head out of a coffee-cup-to-go at R's bedside.. Xxoo B

Ms. Moon said...

I hope that your dreams are peaceful.

37paddington said...

somewhere, dan is smiling.