Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Thank you for every kind word, every hope, every whispered prayer, every encouragement, every personal story that let me know that you, too, experienced loss this profound. Thank you for the poems, the cards, the emails, the blog comments, voicemails, letters, photos, the remembrances of Dan from times long before I met him. Thank you for the flowers, the sandwiches, the beautiful fruit, the coffee, the cakes, pastries, cookies, candies. Thank you for the pizza. The visits. For bringing your darling dogs. For playing music and more music. Thank you for traveling long distances and short ones. Thank you for keeping things tidy in my kitchen. For shopping. For errands. For folding laundry. For the changing of linens. For staying overnight to keep the vigil. For making phone calls.  For making chili, for making soup, and chopping vegetables. Thank you for the bringing of chocolate and wine. Thank you for the love, for talking, for sitting up late, for sleeping on the floor in my room so I wouldn't be alone. Thank you for the things I'm forgetting to thank you for.

I would be utterly lost without you.

I've tried to respond to all the emails and thanked many of you on Facebook. There are many blog comments I have not yet responded to. And there are many more of you. I hope you see this post. Spread the word to those who might not.

Again, thank you.


37paddington said...

Thank you for your great grace and generous transparency through this so so painful passage. Thank you for sharing the wonderful man who loves you, who loves you still.

lily cedar said...

Take care woman.